meiflurryy / meimonte - caught cheating & psychotic behaviour

Part 2

Mei is a cheater and engages in psychotic behaviour. She admits she likely has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and Bipolar Disorder. During her relationship with Steven, she had been cheating since the beginning. She asked for large sums of money (More than 400,000.00 PHP in total) while keeping up this deception.

Eventually, she sent Steven an invite to a private discord server that had chat messages between Mei and Orvin, showing that she had been cheating since the beginning of her relationship with Steven, then immediately blocked Steven everywhere with no explanation given nor communication. Mei then later went on vacation with Orvin, presumably with the dishonestly-acquired money. Extensive proof of this sociopathic behaviour is provided below under the “Evidence” section.

Note that meiflurryy (now meim0426) and meimonte are the same person.

This report is (mostly) written in third person for objectivity and clarity. This report is to offer an objective account of Mei's actions for the purpose of informing others of her immoral and deceptive behaviours. Any irrelevant private information is omitted. There is an extended version of this document that reveals further deceptive and exploitative behaviour that occurred in 2021 and 2022 that I’ve decided to not include because I don't really care enough to go that far and I just want to get this over with (i.e. this is a trimmed version).

About Mei

Mei is a cheater:

Mei has severe mental illness:

Who is Mei?

Mei is known as meiflurryy and Mei Monte on the internet.

Mei Monte (@meimonte1 or @meimonte) is an internet persona that creates videos on self-improvement, k-pop, and workout routines, mainly on Tiktok (200k) and YouTube (100k).

meiflurryy is a Instagram (50k) and TikTok (100k) persona that creates cosplay and TikTok trends videos. She changed meiflurryy’s username to meim0426. Note that there are two Y’s in meiflurryy. “meiflurry” is another completely unrelated person to “meiflurryy”

Social Media Links:

meiflurryy (IG) - (now meim0426)

meiflurryy (TikTok) - (now @meim0426)

meimonte1 (IG) -

meimonte1 (TikTok) -

Mei Monte (YT) -

What is BPD?

Mei believes that she has Borderline Personality Disorder, which is a dangerous condition and one of the four “Cluster B” Personality Disorders (Antisocial, Narcissistic, Borderline, and Histrionic) that are characterized by inappropriate, volatile emotionality and unpredictable behavior.


Secret chat screenshots

These are secret messages that were sent between Mei and Orvin behind her then-boyfriend’s (Steven’s) back.

The entire chat log is here in video form at the bottom of the page:

Translation: “Don’t call me yet. My boyfriend is here”

Asking for money while cheating

While cheating on her boyfriend, she asked him to send him approximately ₱100,000.00 every month, which totalled to approximately ₱400,000.00 before being caught.

Mei asked for money every month from Steven, the guy she was cheating on

Entire secret chat log

These messages were made in a secret discord server for the two of them (Mei and Orvin). These chats serve as evidence of cheating. Only messages that took place while cheating (May 2023 onwards) are included in this video.

Severe mental illnesses (BPD/Bipolar)

Mei likely has Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and/or Bipolar Disorder. This could be why her actions appear sociopathic and psychotic.

Proof of author’s identity

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